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Commissioner says he's 'being beat up' over Hunters Point road

PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. (Oct. 29, 2015) — Road issues in the Hunters Point subdivision south of Waynesville across I-44 led to a frustrated resident calling Western District Commissioner Ricky Zweerink, who said he “didn’t have nothing to do with this (but is) being beat up.”

According to Zweerink, the caller lives on Select Road, objects to her road’s condition, and said two decades ago money was paid on a bond for road maintenance. That was long before Zweerink, who was elected in 2008, took office. The Western District didn’t initially include Hunters Point but that was added to Zweerink’s district following the 2010 census, a boundary change which took effect with the 2012 election.

“She raised Cain,” Zweerink said. “I ain’t forgot that, I won’t forget it… I don’t know what to tell her because I didn’t set that up.”

Zweeink said he may want to call Pulaski County Prosecutor Kevin Hillman, who also serves as the county’s attorney providing legal advice to the county commission.

“I think I’ll have Kevin respond to her. Is that the proper right way?” Zweeink asked.

Presiding Commissioner Gene Newkirk said that will probably work. Newkirk said the road in question is an extension of two houses beyond the area that was originally blacktopped.

“Whatever he puts in is what’s maintained — if it’s put in as asphalt, it’s maintained as asphalt. If it’s put in as gravel, it’s maintained as gravel,” Newkirk said. “Some of this stuff we didn’t create but we have to deal with it. We will figure the solution out. Just another thing from a pile of stuff that’s been handed down to us over time.”

In other business, County Treasurer Sue Rapone presented the monthly financial report. Eastern District Commissioner Lynn Sharp was absent at Thursday’s meeting.

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