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Dixon street repair to be sent out for bids now that sewer work is done

DIXON, Mo. (Oct. 13, 2015) — A year of torn-up streets in Dixon due to sewer work will soon come to an end, but City Engineer John Doyle cautioned aldermen at Tuesday night’s city council meeting that the amount of street work will depend on paving bids and the actual interest rate the city receives on an upcoming municipal bond auction.

Doyle presented a list of streets to be let out for bid with paving to begin in the spring. That bid list includes 20,907 feet of roads, most of which is asphalt but also a “very short section” of chip-and-seal.

Doyle said his street list is a “bare bones” list of street and there are others which should be repaired but aren’t on the list.

“I’m hopeful that the bids come in really good for the city,” Doyle said. “If these bids come in within budget, great. I don’t think they will.”

Total funds available are about $980,000, minus the fees of the bonding service company.

“We’re playing the game of interest rates right now. Interest rates are still favorable for bond issues, but I see interest rates going up maybe a quarter-percent,” Doyle said. “We’re going to have some time to look at these bids; I think we should prioritize these in some sort of system. Highly traveled roads, obviously, should come first.”

Community beautification, visibility, and road condition should also be factors, Doyle said.

Responding to questions, Doyle said any road base found during road construction which is unsuitable or substandard will be fixed or replaced.

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