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Bid request: Pulaski County Courthouse hydraulic elevator modernization


PREPARED FOR: Pulaski County Courthouse
ATTENTION: Brent Bassett – County Clerk
PROJECT NAME: Elevator Modernization
LOCATION: 301 Old Rt. 66 E., Waynesville, MO 65583
DATE: July 29, 2011

Construction work to begin on or before December 15, 2011


Sealed Bid Opening at 9:00 am August 15, 2011

Pulaski County Commission Meeting

HYDRAULIC ELEVATOR SPECIFICATION                                                           



Controllers and Landing Systems – Motion Control Engineering, Vertitron Midwest. or Cetek

Door Operating Equipment – GAL Manufacturing or MAC

Operating/Signal Fixtures – Innovation Industries or Monitor Controls

Roller Guide Assemblies – Hollister Whitney or ELSCO

Power Units – EECO or Minnesota Elevator 



ASME A17.1-2005 Safety Code for Elevators

NFPA 70 National Electrical Code

Americans with Disabilities Act – Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) 




Provide machine room layout and signal fixtures shop drawings



The Logic Control operation will be accomplished utilizing Microprocessor Computer Logic Control with Solid State Starting. The Elevator Control Program will be contained in non-volatile, programmable, read only memory. Safety circuits will be monitored and controlled by the programmable Logic Control for redundant protection.  The Controller will control starting, stopping and prevent damage to the motor from overload or from excess current. It will automatically cut off the power supply and bring the car to rest in the event of operation of any of the safety devices. The controller will be enclosed in a cabinet within the Machine Room.  On board diagnostics shall be provided where no special hand held too is necessary.  Battery Lowering shall be provided.  Should power loss, phase reversal or low voltage conditions occur; the lowering system is activated, the elevator doors close and the elevator goes to the main exit landing and reopens the doors.   The elevator returns to normal operation when power is restored.            



The existing jack assembly will be retained and re-used.  Included in the base bid for this modernization proposal shall be the cost for performing a full load test to determine if there is any problem or leak with the existing jack assembly.   An Alternate #1 shall be included with this bid to show the cost for replacing the hydraulic jack assembly should this test indicate it is necessary.  At the conclusion of the full load test a detailed written report shall be provided to confirm the results of the full load test.  If the full load test indicates a jack assembly replacement is necessary the Elevator Contractor shall immediately, upon receipt of written authorization from Pulaski County, expedite the delivery of a new jack assembly to facilitate the uninterrupted modernization and repair of the elevator- including the replacement of the jack assembly.  


A new Hydraulic Power Unit especially designed and manufactured for this service, will be furnished. It will be enclosed with steel, sound isolating panels and will be mounted on vibration dampeners to isolate the unit from the building structure. A muffler, designed to reduce pulsation and noise which may be present in the flow of hydraulic oil, will be provided in the oil line near the Power Unit.  Control valves, including safety check valve, up direction valve with high pressure relief including up leveling and soft stop features, lowering valve including down leveling and manual leveling feature, will be mounted in a compact unit assembly. A valve, designed to shut off the flow of oil between the cylinder and the Power Unit, will be provided in the oil line in the machine room. Automatic two-way leveling will be provided to automatically stop and maintain the car approximately level with the landing, regardless of change in load.  The new motor shall be designed for 120 Starts per Hour.

New Shut off Valves shall be provided in the machine room and pit.

New Oil Return Pump with flood control shall be provided in elevator pit.

New Oil Cooler mounted to the power unit shall be provided so oil will be circulated through the radiator and cooled when oil temperature in the reservoir reaches a preset limit.  The oil to air heat exchanger shall be provided with a pump-motor and electric fan and have the following characteristics:

  • Stabilizes the oil temperature
  • Operates in the bypass flow, independent of the power unit
  • Controlled by adjustable thermostat ( in power unit)
  • Located in the machine room.
  • 46100 BTU / HR cooling capacity


All new machine room and shaft wiring shall be provided.  New conduit and duct properly sized and constructed for the job requirements will be installed.  New wiring will be provided adequately sized and constructed for the proper operation of the equipment. Multi-conductor type wiring for light and signal circuits shall be used in the shaft.  New traveling cables shall be provided.  The traveling cables and corresponding groups of conductors will contain at least 10 percent spare conductors and shielded wires for communication.



The existing cab shall be retained and reused.  A new Car Top Handrail shall be provided.  A new fan will be installed.  The existing ceiling and lighting system will be removed and a new standard ceiling and lighting system will be installed.


Retain existing Guide Rails.  The rail brackets and clips will be tightened and adjusted. 

Running surfaces that have been roughened or damaged will be filed smooth. 



Retain and tighten all fastenings to provide a rigid frame 


New Car Roller Guides will be provided and mounted at the top and the bottom of the car frame.  Each roller guide assembly will consist of wheels arranged to maintain constant contact on dry, non-lubricated rail surfaces.




Retain and paint existing Spring Buffers   


DOOR OPERATOR EQUIPMENT both front and rear opening

New Solid State Door Operators with direct current motors shall be provided to open and close the Car and Landing doors simultaneously. Door movement will be cushioned at both limits of travel. Electro-mechanical Interlocks will be provided at each landing entrance to prevent the operation of the elevator unless all doors are closed and locked. New car door Clutches   shall be provided to mesh with the new landing door Pick-up Assemblies at each floor.  New Stainless Steel Door Panels shall be provided at the front and rear cab openings.  Landing Door Panels at each floor shall be retained.  New Door Hangers and Tracks shall be provided at each car and landing opening. New Infrared Door Detection Devices shall be provided on the car door edges


The elevator will be equipped with a Main Car Operating Panel containing call registration buttons, emergency stop switch, alarm button, ADA phone, Digital Position Indicator, Braille and any other devices required by code.  The 1st and 3rd rear doors will be key operated.  Independent service feature will be provided.

Hall Pushbutton Stations will be provided at each landing with illuminating pushbuttons which, when pressed, will signal the waiting passenger that the call has been registered. The L.E.D. will remain illuminated until the call has been answered.  The hall pushbuttons for the rear door at the 1st and 3rd floor will be key operated.

Car Directional Lanterns, including audible signals, will be provided in the elevator car entrance jambs. 

A digital display Hall Position Indicator will be provided at the Main Floor for both front and rear openings, and at the rear door at the 3rd floor to indicate the position of the elevator in the shaft. 

A key operated, In-Car Access Enable Switch will be provided in the car operating panel. When actuated, the key operated Access Switches, mounted at the top and bottom terminal elevator landings, may then be utilized.

An Inspector's Operating Station will be provided on top of the elevator car consisting of Up and Down constant pressure buttons and an emergency stop switch. This device will also contain a light with guard and switch and a duplex, 120 VAC outlet.


Contractor will secure and pay for Elevator Inspection and Permit as well any other inspections and/or permits, including electrical permits, which might be required.


Provide written Warranty agreeing to repair, restore or replace defects in elevator work materials and workmanship not due to ordinary wear and tear or improper use for (12) months after completion.

Furnish Complete Maintenance and Callback Service for (12) months after final acceptance.  Equipment will be examined regularly and emergency callback service included. 

RELATED WORK NOT INCLUDED  (But will work with County and County’s Contractors to complete any outside work determined to be needed to include the following list but not limited to). 

  1. Install new code compliant machine room door, frame and hardware
  2. Install a new split system AC unit in machine room
  3. Install a new code compliant pit ladder
  4. Install new main line 3 phase disconnect in machine room
  5. Provide signal from main line disconnect that power has been removed for Battery Lowering feature (2 normally open auxiliary contacts)
  6. Install new car light disconnect in machine room
  7. Provide new lighting in machine room
  8. Separate 115 volt 20 amp circuit for oil cooler in machine room
  9. Install new GFCI receptacle in machine room and pit
  10. Install new lights in pit
  11. Provide smoke detectors/fire alarm modifications as require for fireman’s service


  1. Telephone line
  2. Asbestos abatement

Alternate #1 for hydraulic jack assembly replacement

Furnish and install the necessary labor, materials, tools and supervision to perform the following work

Remove the existing hydraulic cylinder assembly and furnish and install a new hydraulic cylinder assembly.

Secure the elevator cab to the top of the hoist way.  Drain the hydraulic oil from the system and remove the complete hydraulic cylinder assembly. After removal of the complete hydraulic cylinder assembly, remove the backfill material and oil in the hole to the degree necessary to install the new cylinder assembly.  Properly dispose of the contents of the removal.  Verify the plumbness of the existing hole. 

A hydraulic jack liner shall be installed over the new cylinder before the cylinder is installed into the ground.  The jack liner is made of a blend of PVC and PE and has a thickness of 40 millimeters.  The hydraulic cylinder is made of heavy seamless steel and fitted with a steel end cap. The end cap is a dished seamless construction and is equipped with a safety bulkhead.

Upon installation of the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic plunger will be inserted. Then fill the hydraulic system with new hydraulic oil and attach the cab to the hydraulic plunger. A full load safety test will be performed to ensure the proper operation of the elevator system. 

The Elevator Contractor will not be required to assume any responsibility for unusual conditions such as hole cave in and hydraulic cylinder assembly embedded in concrete. The excavation of the hole to accommodate the hydraulic cylinder assembly is based on encountering soil free of rocks, boulders, building construction members, sand, water, quicksand, underground caves and/or any other obstructions or unusual conditions. Should such obstructions or unusual conditions be encountered additional time above or beyond the 15 working days estimated to complete this hydraulic jack replacement may be required.   Upon verification and approval by Pulaski County the Elevator Contractor shall proceed with this clean / clear hole problem on this portion of the repair on a time and material basis, billing at normal rates.

Warranty the complete job, labor, and material, for one (1) year after completion of work is required.

Work by Others

If special drilling or excavation is required, purchaser will be responsible for all building protection and alterations to bring this equipment into the building, during use and to remove equipment from building. Purchaser is responsible to provide power required for the duration of the project. Purchaser will provide full, unrestricted access to the work area for the contractors workers and their agents at all times during the agreed upon working hours for the duration of the project. Purchaser will provide all necessary permits for welding, gas, burning and cutting in the elevator hoist way. Purchaser is responsible for deactivation and reactivation of fire, smoke and/or combustion sensors in the work area that may be activated by the effects of the operation required to complete this work.

Price for Alternate #1  ________________________________________________________

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