Crocker hires Regina Utley as full-time police officer

Darrell Todd Maurina

CROCKER, Mo. (April 4, 2022) -- Crocker City Hall officials announced Thursday that Regina Utley, a Crocker Pd reserve officer for the last 12 years, has been hired as a regular officer in the Crocker Police Department.

Seth Alexander, who was promoted in March by the Crocker City Council to assistant police chief of the Crocker Police Department, "is no longer with Crocker Police Department," according to the city announcement. That took effect Monday evening, the night of the Crocker City Council meeting at which Utley was hired as a full-time officer. City officials initially announced on Monday in open session that Alexander would no longer be the assistant chief but Thursday's announcement follows a Monday evening closed session of the city council for which the council's actions were not intially announced.

According to the city announcement, Utley "previously worked for the Crocker Police Department as a Reserve Officer for 12 years. She has been in local law enforcement for 22 years and Emergency Medical Service for 20 years. She will be a valuable asset to our community."