Unspecified 'contaminant' prompts investigation at Buffalo Wild Wings

Darrell Todd Maurina

SAINT ROBERT, Mo. (March 2, 2022) -- When passerby saw people in hazmat suits and protective gear entering Buffalo Wild Wings on Friday, numerous questions were asked but few answers were immediately available.

Tuesday morning, Pulaski County Health Center personnel confirmed that an unspecified "contaminant" was found, and that the case remains under investigation.

"Local and State Health Inspectors have been working closely with BWW management to ensure proper cleaning of the contaminant from the facility," Health Director Deborah Decker said this morning in a prepared statement. "A third-party professional cleaning team was hired to assist with mitigation efforts. All food and consumable products have been discarded and will be replaced with new product. The health department will ensure that the business has taken all measures to ensure the facility and consumable products within in the facility are safe prior to re-opening. Buffalo Wild Wings Regional Management staff has consistently worked collaboratively with health department staff and law enforcement to make sure everything has been handled appropriately."