Waynesville mayor to face impeachment trial Tuesday

Darrell Todd Maurina

Waynesville mayor to face impeachment trial Tuesday

WAYNESVILLE, Mo. -- City officials announced today that the impeachment trial for Waynesville Mayor Jerry Brown will be Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 5 p.m., in city hall. The announcement said Brown has filed a pretrial motion to which city officials will have until Monday, Jan. 16, to respond; the motion will be argued at 4 p.m. Tuesday, prior to the impeachment trial.

The Waynesville City Council has eight members, but one seat is vacant, meaning the council must have six of the seven members vote in favor of Brown's impeachment to reach a two-thirds majority of the eight total seats. While a resolution of censure against Brown was unanimous criticizing him for various actions the council considered inappropriate, Brown has supporters on the council and if at least two vote in his favor, he'll remain in office.

Unlike the county's other four cities whose mayors are up for election in April, Brown has a four-year rather than two-year term and won't be on this year's ballot.

According to the city impeachment hearing notice, in addition to removing the mayor, the council members also have the option of "other, lesser discipline as they may find appropriate."